Here is the new reglementation for BAL players. We invite every captain to make sure all your team members understand the limitations and respect them.

Step 1

  • Go into BAL mode, create a new player.

  • Only 2 forbiden player types :
    "SS Goal Poacher" "CMF Destroyer"

  • Generate your player stats :
    max overall: 73 / max stamina: 77).

  • Check your player follows the stat tables below
    (if not, you have to regenerate new stats).

Step 2

  • It's all about keeping a balance between 2 stats : Speed and Physical contact. The maximum number of 1 stat, sets the maximum value for the other stat. (Draw a line on the graph to help).

  • The height of your player then has to fit inside the range of your maximum and minimal stat.

Example :
If you want 8
0 speed, you can have 70 physical contact maximum and mesure only 1m75.
If you want 80 speed, and you have "only" 60 physical contact, you can mesure between 1m75 and 1m65.

Step 3

  • You can train your player to develop
    4 skill cards maximum (no position training)

  • Forbidden cards : Gamesmanship, Trackback, Man marking, Captaincy, Fighting spirit
    (attributs interdits : Roublardise, Poursuivant, Marquage, Capitaine, Combativité)