• The WAPES League (We Are PES) is first of all a Community before being a competition.

  • We tend to unify and promote the fuma teamplay community ...

  • ... by building chemistry between players with values such as : fair play, respect, trust, friendship, fun

  • Our idea is to bring people to discover manual controls (freedom, creativity, challenge) while we rebuild the missing link between manual and assisted players.

  • Then, by making some noise : bring manual controls and 11v11 mode to Konami's attention.


  • Be friendly and respect everyone everywhere (game and psn chat, discord, private message) : no aggressive, insolent, arrogant, condescending, offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic attitude will be tolerated (it may lead to permanent ban).

  • Captains take responsibility for any misconduct of their team members. They'll have to ensure that everyone understand these terms of agreement, and they will be the first ones to take the necessary actions.

  • When a match is schedule : don't be late (it may lead to point loss), don't use WiFi connexion

  • The menus in PES are tricky, stay focused : pick the right side, the right player, the right kit. No restarts for individual mistakes : the player(s) who make a mistake must leave the lobby and join next match.

  • No pauses allowed during the game, and no start spamming.

  • Fair play means : not trying to block goalkeeper on free-kicks, corners ; not trying to disturb the vision of the penalty taker, ...

  • In case of major difficulties during official game, Captains can agree to restart and play remaining time (full game or just 1 half) and count the goals that could have been scored.

  • All particular problems will have to be dealt as honorable gentlemen.


  • Each team must have 2 captains who will take responsibility for scheduling the games.

  • All captains have to give Admins a valid email adress : one already registered to Toornament (so they can report results) and a second one connected to their team's Twitch/Youtube account (so Admins can link your Twitch account to the WAPES Twitch broadcast account).

  • Captains may be offered a private Discord setup for their team to get them started with organization.

  • Each official game has to be live-streamed (please contact Admins to gain access to the WAPES Twitch). The live broadcasts will be notified on Discord and on social networks.

  • For each competition, everyone can share teamplay goals with the community on Discord : the best goals will compete in the Top 10 goals of the season.

Transfer RuLes

  • Free agents are not authorized to play in official games, they have to be registred in a club.

  • You cannot play for 2 clubs or more, in the same WAPES official competition.

  • All transfers have to be reported by captains in #transfer-news discord channel.

WAPES Admins Cocokeefe, SatelitteJack, Salteiro.
WAPES Contributors Odusseia, Gegen, Luchogonze, Balthazar0402, Shadow, Jereyes, Rambostips, Mad13oR, Planum, R!otBr3aker, Julien5423,