• Classic league divided in 2 divisions with promotion and relegation (3 teams to promote/relegate)

  • Teams repartition in both divisions depends on previous classic PESFM/WAPES competitions results

  • All 22 teams are attributed a random club (see below) with general note of 75

  • Classic points system : 3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss

  • 2 matches (1 home & 1 away) per week ; week starts on monday (see Discord's #classic-round-x to follow organization for each week)

  • 9 players minimum to play

  • Always one "Any" (no AI)

  • Playing as human GK is allowed

  • Fair-play and respect : we are one Community

  • Contact Admins if something happens : we try our best to find fair solutions


  • Keep streaming and sharing on Discord your best goals with the Community

  • Check your next match on Toornament and contact your opponent's captain on Discord to schedule your matchday

  • After the matchday, only 1 captain reports results for both teams on Toornament using this template :

    TEAM A
    Goals (in-game player) :
    Assists (in-game player) :
    Man of the match (you
    r team choose the in-game player):

    TEAM B
    Goals (in-game player) :
    Assists (in-game player) :
    Man of the match (your team choose the in-game player) :


  • Lobby must be set up with "Password" to make it visible (not with "Just invitation")

  • Name of lobby :

  • 15' matches and weather on random and night

  • 3 subs allowed

  • Full manual settings : desactivate auto-feint, auto-sliding and positionning guide ; you can put "Through ball type" on "Basic" or "Advanced"


11 • Collective Eleven • Toulouse FC
AA • AfrikAttitude • Olympiakós FC
ASPA • Atletico Pespana • Sheffield United FC
BOTA • Botafumeiro S.D • AZ Alkmaar
CANH • Canelah • Fulham FC
DZF • DZ FUMA • Hellas Verona FC
EVO • Fuma Evolution Team • Amiens SC
EXYU • EXYU FUMA • Feyenoord Rotterdam
FCMA • FC Manual Allstars • Club Atlético Osasuna
FMAG • FC Fumagical Rangers FC
FUTDFUMA United • KAA Gent
FXP • FUMAX Patria • RSC Anderlecht
JPAL • JPAL Union • Trabzonspor
PEN • Pro Evo Network • SC Braga
PESP • PesSpain • Brescia Calcio
P&M • Pass & Move • FC Utrecht
SSFM • Suicide Squad FM • Norwich City FC
Free • Celtic FC
TOHO • Niu Toho • Girona FC
WAPP • Wap Phoenix • Real Valladolid CF
WUTD • WE United • PAOK

Note : Each week, Konami may updates the database and it may increase/decrease your teams general notes. To be clear: Admins can't change all the time all the teams during the season for 1 point GN


  • Free agents are not authorized to play in official games, they have to be registred in a club.

  • You cannot play for 2 clubs or more, in the same WAPES official competition.

  • All transfers have to be reported by captains in #transfer-news discord channel.