Letter to the Community

We really hope you appreciate the WAPES League and that you enjoy playing together ! We strongly believe that we can keep this project growing, so we thought that we couldn't do it without the help of our community. That's why we would like to open a fund for any kind of support you want to show us. Every euro will be reinvested straight into the league.

With your help we could :

  • Develop new tools for the website or the Discord that will help organisation and the global experience.

  • Make promotion for the leagues with events like contests : winning games, goodies, … (you can give away a game you don't want anymore directly to us for example).

  • Offer prizes to win for the participants ! (gift cards, goodies, jerseys, games…).

  • And of course don't hesitate : if you think of any special way to help us, ...

You may also sponsor us : if you want to be a partner, we can give you space for your logos and publicity (somehow related to us of course).

Thank you !