• The WAPES League (We Are PES) is first of all a Community before being a competition.

  • We tend to unify and promote the fuma teamplay community by building chemistry between players with values such as : fair play, respect, trust, friendship, fun.

  • Our idea is to bring people to discover manual controls (freedom, creativity, challenge) while we rebuild the missing link between manual and assisted players.

  • We also hope to bring manual controls and 11v11 mode to Konami's attention, that's why we need all your support !


  • Be friendly and respect everyone everywhere (game and psn chat, discord, private message) : no aggressive, insolent, arrogant, condescending, offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic attitude will be tolerated (it may lead to permanent ban). We also have to ask you to keep any political, religious or social revendication away from the community spaces to prevent any off-topic conflicts.

  • Captains take responsibility for any misconduct of their team members. They'll have to ensure that everyone understand these terms of agreement, and they will be the first ones to take the necessary actions.

  • When a match is scheduled : don't be late.

  • Don't use WiFi connexion, it will penalize all the players in the session.

  • The menus in PES are tricky, stay focused : pick the right side, the right player, the right kit. No restarts for individual mistakes : the player(s) who make a mistake must leave the lobby and join next match.

  • No pauses allowed during the game, and no start spamming.

  • Fair play means : not trying to block goalkeeper on free-kicks, corners ; not trying to disturb the vision of the penalty taker ; not spaming L2 to call the ball from cpu ; not asking cpu player or keeper to press ; not taking the keeper position if you are not going to try your best to play your role ; no sarcastic use of the in-game chat function ...

  • Additional sanction for abusive tackling (official, friendlies, mixrooms...)
    Tackling a player to agressively, repetitively or outside of a challenge is considered as an abuse against community policy. Players reported doing these tackles will face warnings of misconduct.

  • All particular problems will have to be dealt as respectful and honorable gentlemen.

the FULL MANUAL spirit

Click here to check out the settings to play "Full Manual" Now !

If you are new to manual don't worry come and learn with us ! It will be an exciting new journey that transforms the game into a different and more realistic football feeling. It will feel much more rewarding for yourself and your team when you build up and achieve to score a goal together !

Check out this video from MONSIEUR QUINTON, that talks about the kind of experience we are looking at :


We are a community on discord. Join us here !

WAPES Admins Cocokeefe, SatelitteJack, Balthazar0402, visualcomplexity

WAPES Moderators BrickBruck, Gusneib, RiQ1987, lyndav64, Mad13oR, Giebi94,

WAPES is for ever grateful to it's contributors Odusseia, Gegen, Luchogonze, Balthazar0402, visualcomplexity, Shadow, Jereyes, Rambostips, Mad13oR, R!otBr3aker, Julien5423, RiQ1987, Gusneib, BrickBruck, lyndav64, Kaupp, Nes, salteiro, iDidacus-,