THE Story (2018)

The story started on PES 2017 when a group of friends from figured out -by spending hours in the menus- how to play each with individual players on the same team like the FIFA Club Pro mode they have been playing for years together. The football sensations felt incredible but it seemed only possible to play offline and limited to 4 players vs CPU ...

Later on PES 2018 we decided to form a team called "WAP Phoenix" and we joined an online league called with other teams from which we learned a lot. That's where we met a lot of passionated guys like us !

One day, wandering inside PES 2019 menus doing manipulations, we discovered that we could actually play our favorite mode with custom made players ! That's right : original Pro Clubs could become a reality on PES !

So we started as a small group convinced that this could work on a bigger scale, and we worked during months to etablish the concept and the structure of the WAPES League.

By the end of PES 2019, we first launched the WAPES Summer League.


The Summer League is a WAPES League introduction to PES 2019, with a ladder point system and only regular teams and players. Creation of the Discord platform and the establishment of new organization systems started to flourish.

season 1 (09/19)

Ready for the launch of PES 2020. Introduction to the Legend player regulation system and experiencing / adjusting the organization. Starting off on social media (Twitter mostly).

SEASON 2 (01/20)

Many adjustments were made from community feedbacks. A new balanced Legend player regulation for optimal simulation gameplay. Simplification of organisational aspects and new features such as being able to control the goalkeeper, goal contests, WAPES TV, mixrooms for everyone to play anytime ... And introduction of our first trailer on Youtube.

FUSION (04/20)

New Admins joined the project. New teams, new players and the creation of 2 new competitions : WAPES Classic league and WAPES Euro 2020 tournament. The old WAPES League becoming now : WAPES Legend league.

website (05/20) is a website made to facilitate the display of informations about the leagues ; leaving the Discord server more space for community aspects such as discussions topics or pop-up tournaments.

Nations League (08/20)

A huge step forward for the community, enabled by the creation of the WAPES Database. Now any player can aspire to push one step further his virtual Legend career, and be rewarded by a chance to defend his country in the WAPES Nations League.


A fan wanted mode, close to mix-rooms that enables players to take part of a historical football moment flashback, and create a special Legend player for the occasion. Watch the video here !


To pursue the objective of true 11vs11, we have made a Goalkeeper tutorial to help players who would like to start their new career. Click here to see.

final matchday show ! (01/21)

The biggest show we have ever prepared ! Watch the WAPES Legend Season 3 final matchday with an epic editing and commentary ! Click here to watch.

Legend Season 4 (01/21)

New solid rules, +700 players, 24 registrated teams and +15 national teams !

THE WAPES SHOW ! (03/21)

Every sunday at 19:30 CET the community can now watch all the league highlights, community news, interviews of members, all results and leaderboards. All on our new Twitch channel and replayed on Youtube. This show was made possible by SteveonPES incredible passion !

WAPES mix-rooms 2.0 (soon)

The succes of the Mixed-Room feature made us develop a BOT that offers the most efficient organisation system for 11vs11 sessions.