Cup phase

The S7 league phase of Division 1 and 2 is to be played until completion. From the league results, we will arrange a format for the Cup event to follow. A total of 16 teams will proceed to the Cup event.

  • 16 teams will directly qualify for the cup event

  • Group Stage - 1 matchday every 7 days (home and away)

  • Knockout Stage - 1 Matchday every 7 days (home and away) (bracket placement to be determined)

  • See calendar for timeline:

  • Week begins on Monday (see discord's #group-stage-week-X to follow each week)

  • Please be aware that you cannot use your free 1st strike (or sometimes called a “joker”) in the knockout stages, as these games have a domino effect on the entire schedule.

  • Match format (Playoffs, Knockouts, Final)
    10 human field players required to play (AI GK not above 73 OVR)
    2 matches per round (home and away)
    No away goals rule. If necessary, play a 3rd match (15 minutes + extra time + penalty)
    If 1st match ends in a draw :
    TURN ON extra-time and penalties on 2nd match


  • Each club is assigned a random in-game team to host your Legends.

  • Download the WAPES Legend patch ! Easy to install, for a fully imersive experience !


  • Make sure to stream your games and interact with us on social media if you want this mode and community to develop :)

  • You have 1 week (Monday to Sunday) to play your official fixture = 2 matches (home & away).

  • Check your next opponent here. Contact the opponent captain on Discord to schedule your matchday.

  • After the matchday, both team captains must report results via Screenshots Discord
    All results must be reported before Monday 02:00 AM CET or the team will face a strike.

  • Strike system for teams responsible of being late on schedule : 🆕

1 strike = Friendly reminder.

2 strikes = -1pt (sanction is repeated for every additional strike)

*Reporting your results takes roughly a minute and captains have now access to the report tool from their mobile.


  • To facilitate the most realistic football experience with delightful balanced gameplay, all created players must follow a set of limitations : follow our tutorial and rules HERE.

  • In official games, players must match the native player position to the position on the gameplan.
    Example : LB legend player has to play LB on the gameplan,
    RM has to be RM, DMF has to be DMF, SS has to be SS, CB has to be CB, AMF has to be AMF...

  • Number of players required / allowed (min / max) in each position :


  • Lobby must be setup with "Password" to make it visible (not with "Just invitation")

  • Name of lobby : WAPES Legend Cup

  • AI level (professional LVL 4)

  • 15' matches and weather on fine and night

  • Legend player : ON

  • Injuries : OFF

  • No subs

  • Full manual settings : desactivate all assistances : auto-feint, auto-sliding, positionning guide...
    you can only choose between "Through ball type" on "Basic" or "Advanced"

*If you are new to manual, worry not, come and learn with us. It will transform the game into a more realistic and rewarding football experience, for you and your team.


If a created player is caught above limitations in an official game :

  • For minor BAL violations the offended team can ask for immediate replay ONLY.
    15min max after the end of each game). Captains are provided with a mobile application (made by community member Kaupp), through which they can check the legality of players, very quickly. Once captains have agreed on the results and 15min have passed, they are validated definitively.

  • In case of major BAL violations (+5 accumulated points in total, across categories: player stats, illegal position, height, skill card...), captains will be allowed to report the evidence in the 24 hour max window after the game. In the case that such a violation is discovered, Admins will take action to enforce a replay. 🆕

  • Individual sanctions :

1st warning = Player suspension (1 official matchday : home and away)

2nd warning = Player suspension (3 official matchday : home and away)

*If you have any questions about the BAL tutorial, please ask Admins or Staff members on Discord. All captains should ask their players to share screenshots of their BAL to prevent mistakes. In addition to sanctions, if a player or a team seems dishonest (abused capacities in any type of game (official, friendly or mixed) or transfer rules), players and captains can receive after warnings up to a definitive suspension.

  • Additional sanction for abusive tackling (official, friendlies, mixrooms...)
    Tackling a player too aggressively, repetitively, or outside of a challenge, is considered as an abuse against community policy. Players reported doing these tackles will face warnings of misconduct.
    Players who deliberately tackle a player, who is without the ball and away from the active play zone, to draw a foul stopping an opponent attacking motion, such behavior will be subject to admins review (with video evidence) for a possible suspension of said player.

Players are strictly forbidden to pause an official game. Only captains are authorised to go into the pause menu, and only in case of a disconnection ! If a team is repeatedly reported using pause too much, the team will face warnings.


  • If a player is disconnected during an official game, the game shall continue playing to its end.
    Only if the game has just started and no goals have been scored yet,
    only captains can pause the game and ask for a restart.
    If a player disconnects by his own choice (for example : to force a restart), before or without the opponents captain’s consent, he will face a sanction of 1 matchday suspension. 🆕

  • In case of a disconnection, the AI is part of the game. If the AI scores or assists, the goals are validated.

  • But no AI player is authorized to take free-kicks. If the AI takes a free-kick (direct shoot, pass, corner...) the goal will be invalidated. You need to change shooters so the AI doesn't take free-kicks.


  • All results of this team become a default loss (0-1)

  • In the event a team drops out during the season, this inflicts huge consequences on other teams, as well as the organisation, the club and its captains will receive a 1 season suspension in all WAPES competitions.
    The captains and the players from the suspended club can still join other clubs to continue playing.
    If the suspended team wants to reform under a new name during their suspension time, they will have to be composed of at least 50% of new players, and have new captains.

Exceptional condition : A team can obtain 1 Green card every 3 seasons played in a row in the WAPES League.

  • If they want to take a 1 season break, their qualification in their current division is reserved for 1 season.


  • Always keep an open discussion with the opposing captain. Most problems can be solved this way. If you can't find a solution with your opponents, you may contact admins by sending us a report sheet (click to open).Always keep an open discussion with the opposing captain. Most problems can be solved this way.

  • If you can't find a solution with your opponents and feel necessary to make a claim against a team or a player. Please follow this procedure :

1. Fill in a report sheet (click to open) and notify admins by DM. Make sure you give admins all the information (facts, screenshots, videos…) that can prove or support your claim.

2. The admins will solicit the accused team or player to give his version of events and a chance to defend him/themselves.

3. Admins will take the fairest decision possible, based on the proof and arguments provided, on the official report form. On this form, please explain your case, as clear and concise as possible, and with as much detail as possible, as THIS WILL BE THE ONLY DOCUMENT WE WILL BASE OUR DECISION ON. Any other info communicated to admins outside of the report form, will not be considered as eligible.

  • Remember, we expect all captains to deal with situations respectfully like honourable gentlemen.

We are a community before a competition, this is a game, and we need each other to play it and have fun <3.