• Group Stage - 1 matchday every 14 days (home and away)

  • Knockout Stage - 1 Matchday every 7 days (home and away)

  • 1 joker allowed for each team, to postpone a round

  • Week begins on Monday (see discord's #wapes-legend-round-X to follow each week)


    10 human field players required to play
    2 matches per round (home and away)
    1st and 2nd place of each group will proceed to playoffs
    3 points for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss.

    In case of equality of points the leaderboard will follow this order :
    1. Goal difference
    2. Number of goals scored
    3. Direct comparison

An addition 2 best of the 3rd place (in Groups with 4 Teams) teams will proceed to playoffs, ranked by:
1. Points average ( = points gained in group ÷ total possible points in group)
2. Goals scored average ( = total goals scored in group ÷ number of games in group)
3. Goal difference in group


    1 human GK + 10 human field players required (11 humans total)
    2 matches (home and away)
    No away goals rule. If necessary, play a 3rd match (15 minutes + extra time + penalty)
    If 1st match ends in a draw : TURN ON extra-time and penalties on 2nd match


  • Each club is attributed a random in-game team to host your Legends.

  • Download the WAPES Legend patch ! Easy to install, for a fully imersive experience !

  • Make sure to keep streaming your games and interacting with us on social media if you want this mode and community to develop :)


  • As to create the most realisitc football experience with delightful balanced gameplay, all created players must follow a set of limitations : follow our tutorial and rules here.

  • In official games, players have to match the native player position to the position on the gameplan.
    Example : LB legend player has to play LB on the gameplan,
    RM has to be RM, DMF has to be DMF, SS has to be SS, CB has to be CB, AMF has to be AMF...

  • Limitations of number of players with the same postions :

  • For teams without a human goalkeeper :( you can only use these AI goalkeepers : check here.


  • Check your next opponent here.
    and contact opponent captain on Discord to schedule your matchday.

  • Also keep streaming and sharing on Discord your best goals with the Community !

  • One Captain report Results, Scorers, Assists and MVP from both Teams on Toornament (see discord 's #wapes-legend-info for further information)


  • Lobby must be setup with "Password" to make it visible (not with "Just invitation")

  • Name of lobby : WAPES Legend Cup

  • AI level (professional LVL 4)

  • 15' matches and weather on fine and night

  • Legend player : ON

  • Injuries : OFF

  • No subs

  • Full manual settings : desactivate all assistances : auto-feint, auto-sliding, positionning guide...
    you can only choose between "Through ball type" on "Basic" or "Advanced"

(If you are new to manual don't worry come and learn with us. It will transform the game into more realistic football that will feel much more rewarding for yourself and your team)

Player sanctions

If a custom player is caught above limitations in an official game :
(These sanctions apply anywhere from 1cm mistakes to players playing out of their native position).

  • The offended team can ask for imediate replay ONLY. Because once captains have agreed on the results, they are validated definetively. Captains please inform your opponents if you are checking for players above limitations, and don't forget to validate results with them before you finish the matchday.
    This replay rule applies to report of over limit AI keepers as well.

  • Individual sanctions :

1st warning = Player suspension (1 official matchday : home and away)
2nd warning = Player suspension (3 official matchday : home and away)

If you have any question about the BAL tutorial, please ask Admins or Staff members on Discord. Also captains should ask their players to share screenshots of their BAL to prevent mistakes. In addition to sanctions, if a player or a team seems dishonest (abused capacities in any type of game (official, friendly or mixed) but also about transfer rules, players and captains can recieve after warnings up to a definitive suspension.


  • In case of 1 or more disconnections during an official game, the game can go up to it's term.
    No restart is mandatory. But if the game just started and no goals have been scored yet, captains can agree for a fair restart.

  • In case of a disconnection, the AI is part of the game. If the AI scores or assists, the goals are validated.

  • But no AI player is authorized to take free-kicks. If the AI takes a free-kick (direct shoot, pass, corner...) the goal will be invalidated. You need to change shooter so the AI doesn't take free-kicks.

  • In case the human keeper disconects, captains will have to restart a game with remaining time left to play and adding up the goals which have been scored in the final result.


  • All results of this team become a default loss (0-1)

  • If a team drops out during the season, as this has huge consequences on other teams and on the organisation, the club and it's captains will recieve a 1 season suspension in all WAPES competitions.
    The captains and the players from the suspended club, can still join other clubs to continue playing.
    If the same suspended team want's to reform under a new name, they will have to be composed with at least 50% of new players, and have new captains.


  • Always keep open discussion with opponent captain. Most problems can be solved this way. If you can't find a solution with your opponents, you may contact admins by sending us a report sheet (click to open).

    Remember, we expect all captains to deal with situations respectfully like honorable gentlemen.
    We are a community before a competition, this is a game for which we need eachother to play <3.