• Classic points system : 3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss.

  • 1 fixture (2 matches : 1 home & 1 away) every 3 weeks.

  • 11 players minimum to play.

  • Human GK is mendatory in official games.

  • Fair-play and respect : we are one Community

  • Contact Admins if something happens : we try our best to find fair solutions.


  • Check your next opponent here.
    and contact opponent captain on Discord to schedule your matchday.

  • Also keep streaming and sharing on Discord your best goals with the Community !

  • Both captains (team A & B) report results & player notes here.
    Take a screenshot of the end game screen with player note to help you report notes.


  • All players must choose only 1 nation. Nation choice must be coherant with their native origins.
    Nation swap will not be allowed during the competition.

If a custom player doesn't respect the rules in official games :

1st warning = Player ban (1 official matchday)

2nd warning = Player ban (3 official matchdays)

If you have any question about the BAL tutorial, please ask Admins or Staff members on Discord. Also captains should ask their players to share screenshots of their BAL to prevent mistakes. In addition to sanctions, if a player or a team seems dishonest (abused capacities or too many reports in any type of
game: official, friendly or mixed) they will receive immediate BAN from the server.


  • Lobby must be setup with "Password" to make it visible (not with "Just invitation")

  • Name of lobby :

  • AI level (professional)

  • 15' matches and weather on fine and night

  • Legend player : ON

  • No subs

  • Full manual settings : deactivate all assistances : auto-feint, auto-sliding, positionning guide...
    you can put "Through ball type" on "Basic" or "Advanced"