In the beggining there was Gamerah, a small group of videogames press writers. A constellation of stars ready to rule FUMA with iron fist and graceful heart. Suddenly FUMA shows its face. It was revealed with all this splendor and rawness and our héroes felt the fear squezzing hard against its balls. Those were difficult times and made Gamerah mutates from the primal sacred commandment.Rayita Canela (Cinnamon Stripe in english) born directly of the deep feeling of facing the challenge. When the match becomes DRAMA, when the sand of the hourglass it's almost done, when the fear shrinks the heart of the normal players, only a real Rayita Canela man was able to relax his sphincter, paint his underpants with a real cinnamon stripe, and look directly to the death's eyes. CANELAH emerges and suckles from the essence of both styles, maybe a bit confusing, between the unbridled bravery of Gamerah and the internal fear of Rayita. Only the History will judge us...



Rose Park Stadium (40 000)


WAPES Legend S5 (D2) : 3rd