We invite every captain to make sure all your team members understand the limitations and respect them.

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Step 1

  • Go into BAL mode, create a new player.

  • Generate your player stats (max overall: 78)

  • Check your player follows the stat tables below
    if not, you have to regenerate new stats).

Step 2

  • To verify your player:

    - Take your
    speed stat, and visualize an horizontal line on the stat table. This line indicates the maximum values you can have for the other stats.
    - Check if
    all the other indicated stats stay under
    the line.

    Example :
    If you want
    88 reflex, you can have :
    82 reach max, 88 jump max, mesure 1m90 max, have 68 speed max and 82 physical contact max.

Step 3

  • You can train your player to develop
    3 skill cards maximum (no position training)
    (2 GK cards + Only 1 field player card)

  • Forbidden cards : Gamesmanship, Trackback, Man marking, Captaincy, Fighting spirit
    (attributs interdits : Roublardise, Poursuivant, Marquage, Capitaine, Combativité).